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Web Filtering Feedback


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I am working on a committee developing school technology “security” procedures.  We need feedback about web filtering standards.  (The Libertarian committee of my personality tells me that we shouldn’t have web filtering.  For those interested in understanding mindset theory see an analysis here.  My political committee member tells me that web filtering is required by politicians to answer the fears, whether justified, of parents about Internet in schools.  This posting is not to contribute to the debate about filtering, but rather inform schools how they can address the basic principles of its implementation.)

Here is the issue:  In developing a rubric about school technology “security” issues, how should we inform schools the various levels around web filtering.  The rubric includes many other issues.  This topic is one.  The rubric has four levels, already decided, and they cannot be changed.  Basic is the “lowest” level in rubric, advanced the highest.  The work of the group now has the following actions:

What are we missing?  Please respond in the comment box below.

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