Venus and Jupiter This Morning, August 15, 2014


With a bright moon approaching last quarter high in the south, brilliant Morning Star Venus and bright Jupiter shine in the eastern sky this morning.  (Click the image to see it larger.)  This morning the pair is separated by about 3 degrees.  During the next three mornings watch Venus meet Jupiter.  On August 18, they are 1/3 degree apart!  That’s less than the apparent diameter of the moon!

More about the planets:

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  1. Today, August 27, 2014, about 5 am, I saw two brilliant objects on the Eastern sky, Venus and Jupiter? From what I read on your web site, please confirm. IMG_0720.jpeg

    • If you are looking ENE, Venus and Jupiter are there. Venus, much brighter, is below Venus. Other bright starts are visible in the southeast, but not as bright as the planetary pair. (The image did not load.)

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