Mars and Saturn Tonight, August 18, 2014


Mars and Saturn shine from the southwestern sky this evening. (Click the image to see it larger.)  Mars is moving eastward compared to the starry background.  Tonight it is about 2.5 degrees to the lower right of Zubenelgenubi and 5 degrees to the lower right of Saturn.  In three evenings (August 21) Mars is 1.5 degrees to the lower left of Zubenelgenubi.  On August 25, Mars is 3.5 degrees to the lower left of Saturn.

Notice that this evening’s view was captured between overlapping branches of the neighborhood trees.  The two planets are low in the southwest making them difficult to see, along with a neighbor’s bright outdoor light.  To avoid them, it took dashing around the yards to find an opening to locate the planets — a unique look that captured the planets and the key stars along with a passing airplane.

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