Venus and Mars, September 3, 2015


Venus is rapidly moving into the morning sky.  (This observer first saw Venus on the morning of August 27.)  On the morning of September 3, Venus appears about 9 degrees to the lower right of Mars.  Venus appears about 300 times brighter than the Red Planet.

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    1. Jeffrey L. Hunt – Jeffrey L. Hunt is an educational technologist living in suburban Chicago. When he's not learning about and implementing technology in classes, he's running or looking at the stars.
      Jeffrey L. Hunt says:

      The term usually refers to Venus, although any bright planet — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn — can be called an Evening or Morning Star.

      1. Hi Jeffrey,

        Thanks for the reply. Then please tell how to know to when these 5 will be morning or evening stars?
        Can it be explained using their geocentric longitudes ?
        If yes then please…?

        Thanks and Regards.

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