2016, September 2: Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Mars & Saturn


Brilliant Venus gleams during twilight this evening as seen from the Chicago area with a waxing crescent moon and Jupiter appearing lower in twilight.  (To see Jupiter click the image to see it larger.  The planet appears at the tip of the  arrow.)  The moon is 5 degrees to the lower right of Venus with Jupiter another half degree farther to the  right.  Notice the separation of Jupiter tonight compared it its position during the Epoch (close) Conjunction last Saturday.

Here’s a preview of the Moon and Venus tomorrow evening.

Our images and charts collections are available here –> http://goo.gl/Sfp1ur

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Meanwhile, Mars, Saturn and the star Antares appear in the south as the sky darkens.  The trio is in the sky during the evening, setting in the west as they appear to move that direction during evening hours.  Mars is advancing farther east compared to the starry background.  Tonight it is 6 degrees from Saturn and 5 degrees from Antares.

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