2017, May: Venus in Morning Sky

Venus is the bright star in the morning sky during twilight in May 2017, rising 100 minutes before the sun in early May.  On May 1st, Venus is in its brightest phase.  While near our planet (41 million miles away), sun reflecting from its clouds make it appear exceeding bright in our sky.  It will continue to shine at its brightest through mid-month.  While moving away from our planet on a track  closer to the sun than earth, it continues to shine as the brightest “star” in our sky.


Venus from Las Vegas, NV on May 8, 2017

Until about May 21, Venus rises in the eastern sky while Jupiter is setting in the west.  After late May, Jupiter sets before Venus rises.  So it’s best to look for both in the sky early in the month.

On May 22, the moon appears about 3 degrees from Venus.

For more information about the planets see:

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