2018, March 3: Venus – Mercury Conjunction

Update, see the slide show of the conjunction below.

Update: Mercury passes about 1 degree from Venus on March 3.

Brilliant Evening Star Venus and bright Mercury shine during the evening twilight on the evening of March 3.  Both planets are emerging from their superior conjunctions.  Mercury’s conjunction is February 17; Venus was January 9.

The chart above shows the planets about 30 minutes after sunset.  Brilliant Venus is 5 degrees above the horizon.  Mercury is 1 degree to the right.  It is bright, yet about 5 times dimmer than Mercury.  Binoculars may be required to first identify Mercury.  It should easily viewed without optical assistance once it’s located.

Find a clear western horizon to locate the pair.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The articles that follow provide details about the planets visible without optical assistance (binoculars or telescope):

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