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2019, January 3: Morning Star Venus, Jupiter, and Crescent Moon


January 3, 2019: Brilliant Venus, Jupiter and the waning crescent moon.

A clear sky this morning is welcomed with a display of brilliant Morning Star Venus, Jupiter and the morning crescent moon.  Venus is about 16 degrees to the upper right of Jupiter.  Venus is closing the gap on Jupiter.  The Morning Star passes the Giant Planet on January 22.  The crescent moon is about 3.5 degrees to the left of Jupiter this morning.

January 3, 2019: The crescent moon and Jupiter up close.

In both images notice the “earthshine” on the night portion of the moon.  From the moon, Earth is nearly at its full phase.  The sunlight is reflected from Earth and gently illuminates the night portion of the moon.

More about Venus and Jupiter:


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