2019, February 1 and 2: Moon with Saturn, Morning Star Venus, and Jupiter


The moon appears near the planet Saturn on the mornings of February 1 and February 2.

Here are the highlights of the mornings:

February 1: About 45 minutes before sunrise, Saturn, the crescent moon (26.5 days old — past the New phase, 10% illuminated), brilliant Morning Star Venus, and bright Jupiter span nearly 27° in the southeast.  Saturn is only 7° up in the southeast. The planets and moon are nearly equally spaced, about 9° apart.  Watch Venus continue to separate from Jupiter and close in on Saturn.  The Venus – Saturn conjunction occurs on February 18. This morning the gap is 18.5°.

February 2: At 45 minutes before sunrise, the very thin waning crescent moon (27.5 days old, 5% illuminated), 5° up in the southeast, is  about 3° to the lower left of Saturn.  The Venus – Saturn gap is nearly 167°. The Venus – Jupiter gap continues to grow, over 10° this morning, widening to over 15° on February 12.

More about the morning planets:

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