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2019, January 30; Moon, Jupiter, and Morning Star Venus

The crescent moon, September 15, 2020

2020, September 15: The moon is in the east before sunrise. The thin crescent moon is 6% illuminated.


2019, January 30: The waning crescent moon that is 24.4 days old appears 6 degrees to the upper right of bright Jupiter. Venus is over 7 degrees to the lower left of Jupiter.

The waning crescent moon, bright Jupiter, and Morning Star Venus shine from the southeast on this wickedly cold morning.  The crescent moon (24.4 days old and 24% illuminated), overexposed in the image, is 6 degrees to the upper right of bright Jupiter.  Venus, rapidly moving eastward is over 7 degrees to the lower left of Jupiter.  The star Antares appears to the right of the planets.  Tomorrow morning, the moon is near Venus.

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2021, October 29 – November 1, Lion Moon

October 29 – November 1, 2021:  The crescent moon moves in front of the stars of Leo in the eastern sky before sunrise.  Watch the moon appear lower and the phase shrink (wane) each morning. Also note that there is no Full moon on Halloween this year!

2021, October 25:  Caught Between the Horns

October 25, 2021: This morning the bright gibbous moon seems to be caught between the horns of Taurus.  Mercury is making its best morning appearance.  The planet pack – Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in the evening sky.

2021, October 24: Saturn Inches Toward Jupiter

October 24, 2021:  Saturn is at its closest to Jupiter as the Jovian Giant picks up eastward speed.  The morning moon and Mercury are visible before sunrise.  Brilliant Evening Star Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter are in the sky after sunset.

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