2019, February 25: Morning Star Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Moon

2019, February 25: The waxing gibbous moon appears in the south

The moon joins the morning display of planets.  The moon is slightly gibbous and reaches its last quarter this morning.  The Imbrium Basin, is at the top of the moon near the terminator, the day-night line.  Copernicus, the bright spot below Imbrium, is an impact crater.  The moon is near 27 degrees to the upper right of Jupiter.

2019, February 25: A morning planet parade with Jupiter, Saturn, and Morning Star Venus

The planets are farther east.  Brilliant Morning Star Venus is well past Saturn, about 7.5 degrees.  Venus continues moving away from Saturn and the RInged Wonder appears slightly higher in the sky each morning.

Jupiter is nearly 26 degrees to the upper right of Saturn.

Watch the moon move past the planets during the next several mornings.

More about the morning planets:

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