2020, March 8: Brilliant Venus Passes Planet Uranus

2020, March 8: Venus is 2.2° to the upper right of Uranus.

This evening, under a nearly full moon, brilliant Venus shines from the western sky. It is 2.2° to the upper right of Uranus.  All week Venus has been moving toward the more distant planet.  This evening they appear closest.  

If you look closely at the image, Uranus is present.  Use a binocular to locate the dimmer planet in the sky.  Tomorrow evening Venus is farther to the upper right of Uranus.

Venus is also moving toward the brightest three stars in Aries.  As Venus heads eastward through the stars, it does not pass closely to them.  The brightest star in Aries, Hamal, is labelled in the above image.

Here’s more information about Venus this week and its place compared to Uranus and Aries.

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