2020, May 3: Evening Star Venus and Elnath.

2020, May 3: Venus is 2.6° to the lower right of Elnath.

Venus shines brightly during twilight this evening in the western sky. It is approaching the Northern Horn of Taurus – also known as Elnath and Beta (β) Tauri. The southern horn is Zeta Tauri, to the left of Venus.

This evening Venus is 2.6° to the lower right of Elnath. In a week, Venus is closest to the star, about 1.4° will separate them. Watch Venus approach the star during the next several evenings. For more details see this article.

Venus then makes a large left turn and pulls away from Elnath. Then Venus appears to plunge toward the horizon. Early next month, Venus passes between Earth and the Sun, and moves into the morning sky.

Capella is the bright star to the upper right of Venus.

Read this article for more about Venus as an Evening Star.

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