2020, May 4: Morning Planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars

Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, May 4, 2020

2020, May 4: Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars span nearly 27° in the sky.

This morning, the three morning planets – Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars – shine during morning twilight. Bright Jupiter is in the south-southeast, 4.8° to the right of Saturn. Mars is in the southeast.

The three planets span nearly 27° in the sky.

Watch Mars continue to open the gap to Jupiter and Saturn, while Jupiter inches closer to Saturn.

Jupiter passes Saturn on December 21, 2020 for a Great Conjunction.

Read more about May’s morning planets here.

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  1. Since the lockdown I haven’t had to get up super early to commute to work, so I’ve been missing the “morning” planets. Looking forward to their return to the evening sky in a few months.

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