2020, October 29: Moon, Mars Together Again


The moon and Mars appear together for the second time during the month on October 29, 2020.

2020, October 29: Two hours after sunset, the moon and Mars appear in the east-southeast. Mars is 4.8° to the upper right of the lunar orb.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

For the second time during October and two evenings before the rare Halloween Full Moon, the moon and Mars appear together during early evening hours.

Begin looking about two hours after sunset when the pair is about one-third of the way up in the sky in the east-southeast.

At that time, Mars is nearly 30° up in the east-southeast, 4.8° to the upper right of the moon. 

2020 October 30: In the western sky, the gibbous moon appears 7.2° to the upper left of Mars (composite image).

Follow them into the evening sky.  During the night the moon moves farther away from Mars as the lunar orb is moving toward the east compared to Mars and the starry background.  By the next morning, the moon is nearly 8° from Mars in the western sky.

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