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2021, January 6-10: Moon Approaches Morning Star Venus

Venus and crescent Moon, November 12, 2020

2020, November 12: One hour before sunrise, brilliant Venus is 0.3° to the lower left of Theta Virginis (θ Vir) in the east-southeastern sky. The crescent moon is 6.5° above Venus and 2.9° to the lower left of Gamma Virginis (γ Vir).

2021: January 6-10: Forty-five minutes before sunrise, watch the moon move eastward and approach Venus low in the southeast.

January 6-10, 2021:  Each morning the moon moves through the starfield, displays its waning phases to approach Morning Star Venus.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

During the mornings of January 6-10, the moon appears farther eastward as it moves toward Venus that is low in the southeast.

Venus is slowly sliding into the sun’s glare.  Look for it very low in the southeast before sunrise.

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The moon appears farther eastward each morning as it approaches Venus for a picturesque pose on the morning of January 11.

Here’s what to look for each morning:

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2021, September 28:  Morning Moon, Evening Planets

September 28, 2021:  This morning the moon, as it approaches its Last Quarter phase, is high in the south at the Gemini – Taurus border.  The evening planet pack – Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn – brightly shine after sunset.

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