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2021, January 13: Morning Star in Southeast

Venus and Moon, December 11, 2020

2020, December 11: One hour before sunrise, the crescent moon is to the upper right of brilliant Morning Star Venus.

2021, January 13: Thirty minutes before sunrise, Venus is low in the southeast.

January 13, 2021:  As sunrise approaches brilliant Venus is visible low in the southeast before sunrise.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Chicago, Illinois:  Sunrise, 7:16 a.m. CST; Sunset, 4:43 p.m. CST.  Check local sources for sunrise and sunset times for your location.

Now rising 65 minutes before sunrise, brilliant Venus rises later each morning as it drops into bright twilight.  It is slowly heading for its superior conjunction over two months away.  I reappears in the evening sky later in the year.

At 30 minutes before sunrise, Venus is only about 5° in altitude in the southeastern sky.  Locate a clear horizon to see it.

Read about Venus during January.

Detailed Note: During bright twilight, Venus is about 5° up in the southeast.Read more about the planets during January.


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