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2021, July 6: Venus – Saturn Opposition

Saturn as seen from space

Saturn (NASA)


July 6, 2021:  This is the second bright planet – planet opposition this month.  Venus and Saturn are in opposite directions from Earth.  Venus sets about the time that Saturn rises.  After this date, Venus and Saturn together are in the evening sky until early 2022.

Chart Caption – 2021, July 6: In a view from space, Venus and Saturn are in opposite directions in space. Soon they appear in the sky at the same time, Saturn in the east-southeast and Venus in the west-northwest.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Venus and Saturn are at opposition, in opposite directions in space from our planet.  This is the second opposition of two bright planets this month.  This event signals the appearance of both planets in the sky at the same time, Saturn low in the east-southeast and Venus low in the west-northwest.

Saturn rises in the east-southeast at 9:52 p.m. CDT (in Chicago) as Venus sets 12 minutes later.

In about 10 days both planets are easier to see as three planets are now in the evening as they join Mars.

Additionally, Venus passes Mars on July 12, for the first conjunction of a triple conjunction that occurs now and the other two conjunctions occur in the morning sky in 2022.

Near month’s end Jupiter begins to appear in the evening sky with Saturn, Venus, and Mars after oppositions with Earth’s Twin and the Red Planet.

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