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2021, July 24-27: Morning Moon, Jupiter, Saturn

Moon in the Bull's Horns. October 8, 2020

2020, October 8: Among the stars along the ecliptic, the gibbous moon, overexposed and behind the tree leaves, is 3.3° to the upper left of Zeta Tauri (ζ Tau), the Southern Horn of Taurus, and nearly 7° to the lower left of Elnath, the Northern Horn.


July 24-27, 2021:  The bright moon passes Saturn and Jupiter in the southwestern sky before sunrise.

Chart Caption – 2021, July 25-July 27: The bright moon passes the planets in the southwestern morning sky.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

On the mornings of July 24 – July 27, the bright moon passes the planets Saturn and Jupiter.  The planets are in the southwestern sky.  Jupiter is the brightest star during early morning twilight.  Saturn is to the Jovian Giant’s lower right.  The star Fomalhaut is to Jupiter’s lower left.

One hour before sunrise each morning, here’s what to look for:

Chart Caption – 2021, July 24: As midnight approaches, the moon is to the lower left of Saturn and lower right of Jupiter.

The moon is appearing in the evening sky with the planets as well.  This evening, as the calendar day ends, the moon is nearly 20° up in the east.  Saturn is to the moon’s upper right and Jupiter is to the left.

During the next few mornings, watch the moon pass the planets.

Articles and Summaries

Moon in the Bull's Horns. October 8, 2020

2021, October 25:  Caught Between the Horns

October 25, 2021: This morning the bright gibbous moon seems to be caught between the horns of Taurus.  Mercury is making its best morning appearance.  The planet pack – Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in the evening sky.

2021, October 24: Saturn Inches Toward Jupiter

October 24, 2021:  Saturn is at its closest to Jupiter as the Jovian Giant picks up eastward speed.  The morning moon and Mercury are visible before sunrise.  Brilliant Evening Star Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter are in the sky after sunset.

2021, October 23: Morning Moon Near Pleiades

October 23, 2021:  This morning the bright moon is near the Pleiades star cluster.  Mercury is making its best morning appearance.  In the evening sky, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are easy to spot.

2021, October 22, Mercury’s Morning Best, Arcturus

October 22. 2021:  Speedy Mercury is low in the east before sunrise.  It is putting on its best morning performance of the year.  Arcturus, in the east-northeast, is about the same altitude as Mercury.

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