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2021, October 13-15:  Moon Passes Saturn, Jupiter

2021, May 12: The moon is 1.2 degrees to the left of brilliant Venus.

2021, May 12: The moon is 1.2 degrees to the left of brilliant Venus.


October 13-15, 2021:  The waxing gibbous moon passes the bright evening planets, Saturn and Jupiter.  Look for them in the south-southeast after sunset.

2021, October 13-15: The waxing moon passes evening planets Saturn and Jupiter.


by Jeffrey L. Hunt


The waxing gibbous moon passes Saturn and Jupiter on the evenings of October 13-15.  Step outside about an hour after sunset.

The moon is near the planets on these three evenings.  Jupiter is the bright “star” in the south-southeast after sunset.  Saturn is dimmer, over 15° to the upper right of the Jovian Giant.

On October 13, the moon is 60% illuminated, bright enough to cast shadows on the ground.  Saturn is 6.8° to the upper left of the lunar orb.

On the evening of October 14, the waxing moon is 60% illuminated and brighter in the sky than last night.  The moon is nearly equally-spaced below the two planets.  Saturn is 9.8° to the moon’s upper right, while Jupiter is 8.3° to the upper left.

The moon on October 15 is nearly 80% illuminated.  It is about 20° above the east-southeast horizon.  Jupiter is 8.0° to the upper right of the brightening moon.


2021, October 25:  Caught Between the Horns

October 25, 2021: This morning the bright gibbous moon seems to be caught between the horns of Taurus.  Mercury is making its best morning appearance.  The planet pack – Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in the evening sky.

2021, October 24: Saturn Inches Toward Jupiter

October 24, 2021:  Saturn is at its closest to Jupiter as the Jovian Giant picks up eastward speed.  The morning moon and Mercury are visible before sunrise.  Brilliant Evening Star Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter are in the sky after sunset.

2021, October 23: Morning Moon Near Pleiades

October 23, 2021:  This morning the bright moon is near the Pleiades star cluster.  Mercury is making its best morning appearance.  In the evening sky, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are easy to spot.

2021, October 22, Mercury’s Morning Best, Arcturus

October 22. 2021:  Speedy Mercury is low in the east before sunrise.  It is putting on its best morning performance of the year.  Arcturus, in the east-northeast, is about the same altitude as Mercury.

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