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Solar Eclipse Montage, August 21, 2017 from Casper, WY

This web site is written and edited by Dr. Jeffrey L. Hunt.  The photos and diagrams on the site are made by the author unless otherwise credited.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Hunt

Dr. Jeffrey Hunt is an experienced astronomy educator.  He studied astronomy education and sky interpretation at Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University where he received a master’s degree.  He was planetarium director at Waubonsie Valley High School in Aurora, Illinois where he produced and presented lessons about the sky to all ages.  He is an active sky watcher and publishes feature articles on this website about easily observed astronomical phenomena.  He photographs the night sky with simple digital cameras mounted on tripods to show the ease of obtaining night sky photographs.  He also photographs through small, portable telescopes such as the ones on solar eclipses in this blog and at the top of this page.

Dr. Hunt at the Waubonsie Valley High School Planetarium

As an educator he has served as the director of e-learning and director of instructional technology for a large midwestern school district. Jeff has led initiatives to design, deliver, and evaluate online courses as well as the implementation of learning technologies in traditional classrooms.  He has implemented learning management systems, library media systems, online grade books, and other district-wide systems. He has developed an online astronomy course online and routinely provides instructional design support to other teachers who are developing courses.  Jeff was a classroom teacher and director of a school district planetarium. He continues to have a fascination for the sky and for space exploration. He uses astronomy education as a means to inspire children. Jeff’s research interests involve online learning, visual literacy, gender issues in technology, technology leadership, technology planning, and technology evaluation.  Jeff is a founding board member of the Illinois Chief Technology Officers. He participates in leadership opportunities in the Consortium for School Networking and serves on the Illinois Virtual School Advisory Board. Hunt holds a doctorate in instructional technology from Northern Illinois University, master’s degrees from North Central College and Michigan State University, and a bachelor’s degree from Otterbein College.

Dr. Hunt is now retired living in Northern Illinois.

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