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Jeffrey L. Hunt is an educational technologist living in suburban Chicago. When he's not learning about and implementing technology in classes, he's running or looking at the stars.

  • Multimedia in Online Courses

    Advertisements This player reads the text for this posting. Click the controls above to operate it. Hey, it’s me. I’m a Codebaby. We use this software to create animations for our online courses. The animations introduce units of study within… Read More ›

  • Moon and Planets, March 2011

    Advertisements   Look in the west for Jupiter, Mercury and the moon in the evenings during early March.   The podcast player shown above for the month of March 2011 is from Abrams Planetarium. March is a month of rapid change. … Read More ›

  • ICE 2011

    Advertisements (Image Credit)    Just returned from two days at the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) annual conference where ICE was celebrating 25 years as an organization.  The ICE conference is always an outstanding way to see what’s happening in classrooms… Read More ›

  • Sensible Tech Support

    Advertisements In the February 2011 issue of Kappan, Kevin Fitton offers fundamental tech support principles that should help before employees call for help. In his article, Fister offers a two-step plan. First, “start with the wall;” that is, start with the… Read More ›

  • February Morning Sky

    Advertisements Venus and Moon on February 28, 2011 Venus continues to dominate the early morning sky.  While fading in brightness as it races behind the sun and  into the evening sky later in the year, it is the brightest starlike… Read More ›

  • Bright Skywatching Configuration

    Advertisements  Venus, the crescent moon, and the star Antares make a bright sky watching configuration during the predawn hours of late January 2011.  Venus entered the morning sky during November, and it has put on a bright display as it appeared near… Read More ›

  • Web Filtering Feedback

    Advertisements I am working on a committee developing school technology “security” procedures.  We need feedback about web filtering standards.  (The Libertarian committee of my personality tells me that we shouldn’t have web filtering.  For those interested in understanding mindset theory… Read More ›

  • Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

    Advertisements A spectacular lunar eclipse is visible across the skies of North America, just hours before the winter solstice, on the night of December 20/21, 2010. A lunar eclipse is visible when the moon, at the full phase, moves into the Earth’s shadow. … Read More ›

  • Virtual School Symposium 2010

    Advertisements Nearly 2,000 conferees assembled in Glendale, Arizona for the 2010 edition of the Virtual School Symposium, the annual conference of the International Association for K-12 online Learning, November 14-16.  The theme of the conference:  Online and Blended Learning:  The… Read More ›

  • Moving Schools to Transformation

    Advertisements   How do we move schools to transformation and away from “tool use” and “integration?”  The diagram above is from my dissertation research where I recommended a planning model, I called the “Technology Planning Web.” In that research I… Read More ›