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Jeffrey L. Hunt is an educational technologist living in suburban Chicago. When he's not learning about and implementing technology in classes, he's running or looking at the stars.

  • Social Media In Schools

    The fourth component of emerging issues in schools is social media. It’s easy for technology directors to block all social media. Yet, it is more difficult to apply social media in the classroom. That means that students can blog, work on wikis, and use social media web sites for educational purposes. There’s every reason to use social media for learning, school communication, and community service.

  • Providing Bandwidth

    In the previous two postings, I described trends that are occurring in education that schools should consider:  cloud computing and personal technologies. When a school district decides to move its operations into the cloud and encourage students to take their… Read More ›

  • Students should bring their computers to school

    Prohibition has never worked. . . . One thousand students with their internet-connected phones have the total storage capacity of 16 terabytes of data and a combined bandwidth of 200 megabits per second. What school can afford that storage or bandwidth?

  • Moving to the Cloud

    Cloud Computing

      Schools should consider moving their networked resources to the “cloud.”  In cloud computing networked software programs and stores of data files, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and the like, exist in a data center or multiple data centers outside… Read More ›

  • Focusing Forward

    When funding shrinks in a school district, one of the first items on the list is the purchase or replacement of hardware and software. This action continues to support my hypothesis that when schools consider “technology as a tool” that they… Read More ›

  • More Online Promising Practices

    More online promising practices. In a recent posting, I outlined five promising practices for online programs.  Here are more: Teacher Communication:   Teacher communication with students must be regular and purposeful.  This can occur through email, phone calls or virtual classroom… Read More ›

  • Connections Conference 2010 Presentation and Handout

    Connections Conference 2010 Presentation by Kathy Olesen-Tracey and me. Our handout

  • Promising Practices in Online (Remote) Learning

    Online (remote) learning has several promising practices that schools can use to assure that students meet the same quality standards of traditional classes.  Below are five promising practices for adolescent learners. Quality (Rigor) — This means how well students understand… Read More ›

  • Chasing Results

    The district technology leader must understand the business of education, apply technical knowledge, be aware and ready to implement emerging technologies, and be the district-level leader a district needs. The district technology leader can be and should be a significant… Read More ›

  • “Yes, but”

    Richardson, Christensen and others continue to warn us of what’s just across the horizon. If only we could or would do something about this. Rather all we hear is “Yes, but.”