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Jeffrey L. Hunt is an educational technologist living in suburban Chicago. When he's not learning about and implementing technology in classes, he's running or looking at the stars.

  • Chasing Results

    The district technology leader must understand the business of education, apply technical knowledge, be aware and ready to implement emerging technologies, and be the district-level leader a district needs. The district technology leader can be and should be a significant… Read More ›

  • “Yes, but”

    Richardson, Christensen and others continue to warn us of what’s just across the horizon. If only we could or would do something about this. Rather all we hear is “Yes, but.”

  • No curves to line up

    Looks like there’s a leadership issue with President Obama’s change in direction for NASA.  In short, let’s encourage private industry to build and launch the rockets.  Interesting view of a president who acts as if government only has the capabilities for… Read More ›

  • Puzzled

    Puzzled. That’s the recent non-verbal response from a group of experienced educators when discussing web 2.0 opportunities.  The conversation focused on the differences between threaded discussions, blogs and wikis, not the education implementation, transformation, and innovation that can occur when… Read More ›

  • online ≠ isolation

    One of the critiques of online education is that it isolates students from their peers.  In a recent posting by technologist Larry Cuban, he wrote that “Both parents and voters want schools to socialize students into community values, prepare them… Read More ›

  • What do I need to know?

    In my family when the males are together, the conversation topic quickly turns to football, Big Ten football, er Ohio State football.  From the great Buckeye State, that is the focus athletics.  Folks support the Reds, Indians, Bengals, Browns and… Read More ›

  • Request for Help

    The planetarium community has a history of generosity to colleagues.  This involves offering advice and material goods, even when many of the donating organizations operate on meager budgets.  I have never seen a cadre pull together like this group of professionals.  An… Read More ›

  • People want results

    As I catch up on reading on my desk, I see an interesting column by Rob Preston, Editor of Information week, from November 16, 2009.  His column title, “People want results, not solutions.”  As we speak with individuals who need… Read More ›

  • When All Those Curves Lined Up

    The inspiration for the title of this online stream of consciousness is a chapter from Craig Nelson’s Rocket Men.  In the final chapter of this book tracing the background of Apollo 11, Nelson recalls a conversation with Gerry Griffin, a… Read More ›