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“Blended Learning” Thoughts

Blended Learning Image Source    Here are some thoughts about “Blended Learning:”   Blended Learning is a new catch phrase of online learning enthusiasts, a modification of the term “hybrid courses.”  Essentially part of a student’s learning is a traditional classroom… Read More ›

ICE 2011

(Image Credit)    Just returned from two days at the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) annual conference where ICE was celebrating 25 years as an organization.  The ICE conference is always an outstanding way to see what’s happening in classrooms with… Read More ›

Sensible Tech Support

In the February 2011 issue of Kappan, Kevin Fitton offers fundamental tech support principles that should help before employees call for help. In his article, Fister offers a two-step plan. First, “start with the wall;” that is, start with the wall… Read More ›