Help Preserve the Peters Planetarium

Peters Planetarium – Lancaster, Ohio

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Peters Planetarium at Lancaster High School, Lancaster, Ohio is where I interned to learn about planetarium operations while in college. The school district is building a new high school without a planetarium. Community members have found a new location for the existing planetarium. The group needs funds to disassemble the equipment, move it, and reassemble it at the new location.

You can help with preserving astronomy education in southeast Ohio by donating to a local foundation that supports initiatives across the county.

Here is the information from the local preservation group:

We have some exciting news about the future of the Peter’s Planetarium to share! While the groundbreaking has taken place for the new Lancaster High School and the planetarium will not be a part of it, a potential new home is under consideration by a public entity here in Fairfield County (Ohio).

Although we can’t yet name this entity until it has been officially approved, you can begin donating now to show that there is community support for the planetarium. There will be a number of expenses involved in dismantling, moving and reinstalling the equipment in its new home. The Peters Planetarium Preservation Fund has been established at the Fairfield County Foundation to accept donations to meet these expenses.

Your donation to this fund will be tax deductible, and every dollar is important. You can donate at this link: Then search for planetarium and select Peters Planetarium Preservation Fund or by contacting the Fairfield County Foundation at 740-654-8451. 162 East Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130-3712

 A big push will be for Giving Tuesday on November 29, 2022, when we can receive matching monies.
•       Any donor or non-profit wishing to receive matching funds during the 33-Hour Give must have a fund at the Foundation, as all donations and matching dollars will be added to the designated fund.
•       Donors and non-profit organizations should secure new donations from individuals.
•       Donations must be made online at through the Donate Now link or in person at the Fairfield County Foundation office, during the specified date and time.
•       Fundraisers cannot be held prior to the Give and funds held to be submitted during the 33-Hour Give.
•       Facebook fundraisers are NOT eligible for the 33 Hour Give—as the funds come in with no donor information and no designation as to which fund receives the donation.
•       Donations received through the mail will not count toward the match.
•       At least $33,000 in matching gifts will be awarded. All donations received during the 33-Hour Give will be eligible for matching funds on a pro rata basis, which gives everyone who participates the opportunity to have their donations increased.
•       Matching gifts will be distributed based on the percentage each fund receives of the total contributions made during the 33-Hour
Give. No single gift, by an individual, to a single organization, can receive more than 20% of the total match amount. For example, a fund with donations that account for 5% of the total 33-Hour Give contributions would receive 5% of the $33,000 in matching funds, or $1,650.