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2022, July 27: 4 Morning Planet, Bright Stars

July 27, 2022: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and a thin crescent moon are in the sky before daybreak. The morning eastern sky is filling with bright stars and constellations.

2022, July 18: Morning Planet Breakup, Double Saturn View

July 18, 2022:  The morning planet parade is slowly breaking up.  The Venus – Saturn gap continues to widen.  Orion’s Bellatrix is making its first morning appearance.  Saturn appears in the east-southeast as evening twilight ends.

Venus as a Morning Star Gallery 2020-2021

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2022:  Venus as a Morning Star

During 2022, Morning Star Venus puts on a magnificent dance with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the moon in eastern sky before sunrise. Next Event: Venus, Mars, and the moon gather, January 29, 2022.

2021 – 2022, Venus – Mars Triple Conjunction

During 2021 into 2022, Venus passes Mars three times for a triple conjunction.  The first occurs on July 12, 2021.  The others occur during early 2022, followed by a close approach of the two planets.

2020: Great Conjunction Slideshow

On December 21, 2020, Jupiter passes Saturn in a conjunction. Because they are infrequent, occurring every 19.6 years, they are called great conjunctions

1623: The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

Did anybody observe the Jupiter – Saturn Great Conjunction of 1623? It was the closest until the Great Conjunction of 2020 with Jupiter passes close to Saturn on December 21, 2020.

2020: December 21: The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

On December 21, 2020, in a close conjunction, Jupiter passes Saturn in the evening sky This is known as a Great Conjunction. Look toward the southwest about one hour after sunset. The bright “star” is Jupiter. Dimmer Saturn is immediately to the Giant Planet’s upper right.

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