2022: Morning Star Venus: The Morning Planets

2022: The morning sky is full of planet activity. Morning Star Venus passes Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Look eastward for the dance of planets before sunrise during the year.

2022, January 13:  Mercury, Saturn Remain Close

January 13, 2022:  Mercury and Saturn are still close to their near-conjunction point.  The gap between them is a little wider this evening.  Jupiter is the “bright star” in the southwest, to the upper left of Saturn after sundown.  The evening moon is in front of Taurus.  In the morning, Mars continues its slow climb into the morning sky, while Venus is zipping through pre-dawn twilight

2022, January 12:  Mercury – Saturn Near Conjunction

January 12, 2022:  Mercury moves to 3.4° to Saturn.  This quasi-conjunction, or near conjunction, of the two planets is visible in southwest about 45 minutes after sunset.  Jupiter is to Saturn’s upper left.  The bright moon is near the Pleiades.  Before sunrise, look for Mars low in the southeast.  Venus is becoming visible during bright twilight.