2021: June 20 – 23: Scorpion, Moon

June 20 – June 23, 2021:  The bright moon appears near the classic Scorpion.  On the first two evenings, the lunar orb appears near the pincers and on the next two, it’s near the scorpion’s heart.

2021, September – October: Venus and the Scorpion

Venus moves through the classic Scorpion (Libra, Scorpius, and Ophiuchus) during 46 days. Venus sets later each evening and brightens in the sky. On October 9, the moon is near Venus and Delta Scorpii. A week later, Venus passes Antares. Look for an evening half phase through a telescope near the end of October and the evening greatest elongation.

2021, March 6: Morning Moon, Three Planets

March 6, 2021: During morning twilight, the thick crescent moon shines from the southern sky to the left of the star Antares. Saturn is low in the east-southeast about 45 minutes before sunrise. As the sky brightens further, Jupiter and Mercury are visible with the aid of a binocular.