2021, April 7: Moon, AM Planets, PM Mars in West

April 7, 2021: Bright Jupiter and Saturn are in the southeast before sunrise.  The moon is low in the southeast, to the lower right of Jupiter.  Find a clear horizon to see it.  Today daylight is 13 long from Chicago’s latitude.  After sunset, find Mars about halfway up in the west, below the Bull’s horns.

18 March 2021: Morning Planets, Evening Moon, Mars, Taurus

March 18, 2021: Jupiter and Saturn are visible in the southeastern sky as sunup approaches. Jupiter is the brighter planet, but it is low in the east-southeast. Saturn is to the Jovian Giant’s upper right. During the early evening, the waxing crescent moon is in the western sky near the Pleiades star cluster and below Mars. The Red Planet is moving eastward in Taurus.