Cell Phones at School Bring Classes Into Light

An article printed in Tuesday’s (Oct 12, 2010) edition of the Chicago Tribune and online the night before describes how schools are relenting to students’ personal technologies.  A local principal is quoted, “It’s one of those things — if you can’t beat them, join them.”  Whaaaaa?

So schools are relenting to students’ technologies.  Well, then how far will this go?

Why not design instruction that uses the power of students’ personal technologies?  As I have written here during the past several months, students have more computing power and bandwidth capacities than schools can provide.  Tap into those capabilities to open your schools and learning in the new century, now nearly 11 years old.

Nearly two years ago in my graduate class on school technologies for aspiring superintendents, I constructed an assignment for students to design a learning program to use students’ cell phones in schools.  Most students looked at the assignment with contempt, while others thought this would never occur.  It’s here!  For some time I have been using Alana Salzman’s (Vantage Point Venture Capital) quote, ” Bet on the inevitable.”  Personal technologies in schools is one of those trends that will sweep across schools.

Personal technologies is one of the five trends that schools can use sharpen learning, address shrinking technology budgets, and prepare students for their future in a largely connected world.

Schools get moving.  The opportunities are at your doorsteps.  Design instruction that uses student research during class time.

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