2021, June 15: Pleiades Morning Return


June 15, 2021:  The Pleiades star cluster returns to the morning sky.  You may have observed the star cluster in the east-northeast during morning twilight.

Chart Caption – 2021, June 15: With a binocular look for the Pleiades star cluster in the east-northeast about one hour before sunrise.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

The Pleiades star cluster is low in the eastern sky before sunrise.  You may have last noted the cluster in the western sky after sunset about two months ago.

As Earth revolved around the sun, the cluster disappeared behind into bright twilight.  On May 20, the cluster was in conjunction with the sun.  This means that it had the same celestial longitude as the sun.

Now the star cluster is beginning to appear in the morning sky.  This morning it is about 7° above the east-northeast horizon at one hour before sunrise.

The assist of a binocular is needed to initially find the cluster.  Begin looking about one hour before sunrise. Each morning the cluster is higher in the sky at the same time interval before sunrise.  What is the first morning you can find it with the aid of additional optics.

2021, June 15:  With a binocular look for the Pleiades star cluster in the east-northeast about one hour before sunrise.

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