Venus and Mars, March 2015


Brilliant Venus and Mars shine from the western evening skies during March, just after their spectacular conjunction last month. Venus is the brightest celestial object after the sun and moon.  During March, Venus climbs higher in the sky.  By month’s end it sets over three hours after the sun.  It also appears farther north each evening.

On March 1, Venus appears 3.5 degrees to the upper left of Mars.

At mid-month, Venus appears higher in the sky and Mars is heading toward the sun’s glare.  They are separated by 10 degrees.

Through a telescope at 100 power, Venus shows a distinct phase as shown above.

A few nights after new moon the waxing crescent moon joins Venus.  The pair is separated by 3.5 degrees with Mars 13 degrees to the lower  right of Venus.

By month’s end, Venus appears high in the western sky during the early evening, setting well after twilight ends with Mars 17 degrees below Venus.

More information about the evening appearance of Venus:

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