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2020, December 6: Morning Star Venus, Gibbous Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars

As morning twilight is in progress, the moon is high in the southwest among the stars of Leo. It is near the “Sickle of Leo. At the same hour Morning Star Venus is dancing eastward in Libran near Zubenelgenubi. In the evening Mars is in the southeast, marching eastward in Pisces. In the southwest, Jupiter approaches Saturn as a prelude to the Great Conjunction in 15 days.

2020, December 4: Morning Star Venus, Gibbous Moon, Evening Planet Dance

In the morning sky brilliant Morning Star Venus waltzes through Libra near Zubenelgenubi in the east-southeast. Venus is “that bright star” in the eastern sky before sunrise. The bright gibbous moon shines near the Gemini Twins in the western sky. In the evening sky, Mars – in the east-southeast – marches through Pisces. Jupiter closes the gap on Saturn as a prelude dance to the Great Conjunction, 17 evenings away.

2020, December 1: Morning Star Venus, Moon in Taurus, Evening Planets

The brilliant Morning Star Venus continues to shine as “that bright star” in the east-southeast before sunrise. The moon appears to be caught in the Bull’s Horns this morning as the lunar orb shines from the west-northwest. In the evening sky, Jupiter continues to waltz toward Saturn for their Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020. Mars moves eastward among the stars of Pisces in the east-southeast after sunset.