2022, January: Venus Into Bright Twilight, Inferior Conjunction

Venus sets at Nautical Twilight on New Year’s Day 2022. It is rapidly moving between the earth and sun, setting about 7 minutes earlier each evening. In only five days it sets at Civil Twilight and then passes inferior conjunction at 6:48 p.m. CST on January 8, 2020. The first morning visibility of Venus starts 3-4 days after the conjunction. It’ll appear about 4° in altitude above the east-southeastern horizon during late morning twilight.

2021, November – December: Venus, Sagittarius

For nearly 40 days, Venus moves eastward among the stars of Sagittarius. During early December, it reaches its greatest brightness. It gleams in the southwestern sky after sunset. On November 7, the moon joins Venus. A second grouping occurs on December 6. The planet and the moon appear together in likely their best show of the apparition. Venus is very bright with a crescent moon under it. The planet stops moving eastward after mid-December and begins its rapid descent from the evening sky.

2021, May – June: Venus from Taurus to Gemini

Venus is low in the western sky after sunset. Find a clear horizon to see it. Forty-five minutes after sunset, the brilliant planet is very low in the sky. Venus begins this observing sequence between the horns of Taurus then steps into Gemini. The moon joins the bright planet on June 11. Venus passes Pollux on June 21.