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2020, November 15: Morning Planets Waltz, Evening Planets Dance

Five bright planets are visible during the nighttime hours. Brilliant Morning Star Venus is “that bright star” in the southeastern sky before sunrise. Venus waltzes near the star Spica leading up to its widely-spaced conjunction with the star. Mercury puts on its best morning display of the year to the lower left of Venus. During the evening in the south-southwest, Jupiter slowly dances toward Saturn as a lead-up to the December 21, 2020 Great Conjunction. Mars slowly dances eastward in Pisces in the eastern sky.

2020, November 12: Morning Star Venus, Crescent Moon Dances, Planets

This morning’s spectacular sky includes a thin crescent near Morning Star Venus with Mercury and Spica nearby, as the moon dances past the morning planets. Venus continues to shine as “that bright star” in the east before sunrise. In the evening Mars marches is nearing the end of its retrograde motion in Pisces. Jupiter approaches Saturn in eastern Sagittarius as a prelude to the Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020.

2020, November 11: Morning Crescent, Planets

The thin crescent moon shines in the east-southeast this morning above Venus before sunrise. The brilliant planet is slowly stepping eastward in Virgo. At about 45 minutes Mercury appears to the lower left of Venus. In the evening sky, bright Mars shines from the eastern sky as Jupiter dances toward Saturn in the south-southwest as a prelude to their Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020.

2020, November 9: Morning Planet Dance, Moonbeams, Evening Planets

The moon is very close to a bright star in Leo for northern North America, while it is covered by the moon for regions farther south. Morning Star Venus shines brightly in the east before sunrise. Along with Mercury, Venus dances in front of the stars of Virgo. After this morning, Venus and Mars do not appear in the morning sky together for the remainder of 2020. In the evening Mars shines from Pisces, while Jupiter approaches Saturn as a prelude to the Great Conjunction.