2021, November 22-24:  Gemini Boots Moon

November 22-24, 2021:  Before sunrise, the moon appears in front of Gemini’s stars.  On November 22, the Twins seem to be kicking the moon as if it were a soccer ball.  In the evening sky, brilliant Evening Star Venus, bright Jupiter, and Saturn are in the southern sky after sunset

2021: August 1 – 6: Morning Moon, Bright Stars

August 1 – 6, 2021:  The morning moon wanes toward its New moon phase in the eastern sky.  It passes the bright stars that are prominent in the evening sky during the winter season in the northern hemisphere.  The stars have been making their first appearances in the morning sky during summer.  At this hour, Procyon and bright Sirius are the last stellar duo to appear.

2021, May 31: Goodbye, Mercury!

May 31, 2021: The planet parade is cut to four bright participants as Mercury departs the evening sky after tonight’s final appearance.  “Goodbye, Mercury!” until it appears in the morning sky during early summer.  This morning the moon is near Saturn and Jupiter in the southeastern sky. Brilliant Evening Star Venus, dim Mercury, and Mars are in the evening sky.