retrograde motion

2021, May 25: Morning Planets, Jupiter, Saturn

May 25, 2021:  The bright moon is in the southwest this morning.  Bright Jupiter and Saturn are in the southeastern sky before sunrise.  Jupiter, brighter than all the stars this morning, is moving eastward among the stars of Aquarius.  Saturn, to the upper right of Jupiter, is retrograding in Capricornus.

2021, May 22: Saturn Retrogrades

May 22, 2021:  Saturn, the Ringed Wonder, begins its retrograde motion today.  The planet is in the southern sky to the upper right of bright Jupiter before sunrise.  The planet is at opposition on August 2, and ends its retrograde motion on October 10.

2021, May 19: Five Planets, Waxing Moon

May 19, 2021: The display of five planets continues.  Jupiter and Saturn are morning planets, visible in the southeast before sunrise.  After sunset, brilliant Evening Star Venus, Mercury, and Mars are in the western sky.  The half-full moon is to the upper left of Regulus.