2019, February 1: Mars and Uranus, Pre-Conjunction

Mars passes Uranus on February 12.  At the beginning of the month, Mars is over 7 degrees to the lower right of the dimmer outer planet this evening.  If you’ve never seen the planet Uranus, Mars provides a way to see it.  Uranus appears as a dim bluish or greenish star.

The second brighter star in this image is Hamal, the brightest star in Aries.

Unless you live under dark skies, you’ll need a binocular or small telescope to see it.  It is near the star Omicron Piscium, a dimmer star in the constellation Pisces.  It is cataloged by the Greek letter Omicron (ο).  (It might be necessary to download the image above and magnify it to see Omicron and Uranus.  The planet appears in this image as it is a 10-second exposure.)

This article provides more details about the location of Uranus and the track that Mars follows beginning February 6.  Happy planet chasing!

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