2020, September 5: Morning Moon, Mars, Venus

2020, September 6: Mars and Moon. (Composite image)

Update for Mars and Moon, September 5/6. See more here.

2020, September 5: Mars is 9.6° to the upper left of the lunar orb. Among the stars of Pisces, the Red Planet is 2.2° to the upper left of Nu Piscium (ν Psc) and 2.6° to the lower left of Omicron Piscium (ο Psc).

The bright gibbous moon appears near the Mars this morning as a prelude to tonight’s celestial encounter.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

The bright gibbous moon – overexposed in the image above – that is over 90% illuminated this morning appears near the planet Mars.

This evening the moon appears close to the Red Planet as they rise into the sky around 10:30 p.m.

They appear together throughout the night as the lunar orb slowly moves away from Mars.

2020, September 5: Venus – among Cancer’s dim stars – is 9.9° to the lower right of Pollux.

Farther east, Venus sparkles among the dim stars of Cancer.  The Gemini Twins – Castor and Pollux – are to the upper left of Earth’s Twin Planet.

Here is a daily summary about the planets during September.

2021, March 9: Evening Mars

March 9, 2021: Mars marches eastward in Taurus. Find it high in the west-southwest after sunset.

2021, March 8: Evening Mars

March 8, 2021: Mars continues its eastward march in Taurus. It is nearly between the Pleiades star cluster and Aldebaran, the constellation’s brightest star. Find it during the early evening, high in the west-southwestern sky.

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