2021, April 19: First Evening Appearance of Venus

April 19, 2021:  The first evening appearance of Venus for this apparition occurs this evening.  Look for it low in the west-northwest about 20 minutes after sunset.

2021, April 19: Venus makes its first evening appearance of the apparition, 20 minutes after sunset.
Chart Caption – 2021, April 19: Venus makes its first evening appearance of the apparition, 20 minutes after sunset.

After its superior conjunction with the sun on March 26, 2021, Venus is making its first evening appearance.

The planet can be found during bright twilight without a binocular.  Begin looking for it about 20 minutes after sunset.  It is only 2° above the horizon. Use a binocular to first locate the planet and then attempt to spot it without optical help.

The planet sets 30 minutes after sunset, so the window is narrow to catch it on this first evening of visibility.

The evening of the first sighting is highly dependent on the clarity of the sky at the horizon and the observer’s place.  A natural horizon, free of obstructions, is needed to make this observation. A hill or structure is helpful to see the horizon.

Following the first appearance, the planet sets about two minutes later each evening during the rest of April.  It appears higher in the sky at the same time interval after sunset. By month’s end, Venus sets 45 minutes after sunset.

Read more about Venus in our summary document.


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