2021, November 25: Hello from Mars 


November 25, 2021:  This is my postcard to my friends on Earth

Image Caption – NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover used its black-and-white navigation cameras to capture panoramas of this scene at two times of day. Blue, orange, and green color was added to a combination of both panoramas for an artistic interpretation of the scene. (NASA/JPL)


by Curiosity Rover 

Hello from Mars!!  Having a great trip as I continue my climb up Mount Sharp. 

Thought you’d like to see this spectacular photo from my 3,299th day on the planet. That was November 16, 2021 back home.

My NASA minders back at the Jet Propulsion Lab use the word sol for a Martian Day. 

My trip up the mountain is in the center of the view.  I’ve been taking my time up the slope, checking out everything on the way.  It’s been a long trip.  I’ve been climbing since 2014. 

About five earth-months ago, I passed some rounded hills that are in the center-right of the picture. 

The Sands of Forvie are closer, about one-quarter to a half mile away. 

The mountain I am climbing is inside Gale Crater.  You can see the rim in the distance.  It is over 7,500 feet tall.  The impact must have been a tremendous event! 

More to come.  I’m out of space on this postcard. 

(Follow the mission at NASA’s Mission web site.) 



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