Five Technology Trends in Schools

The Deregulation of Education II: The Measures of Quality

Image Source In 1937, F. Dean McClusky was asked to study why there had been a failure of commercial film makers to make successful educational films.  In McClusky’s report:  “Commercial interests have failed to grasp or to study the nature… Read More ›

Help me with this picture!

Image Credit Help me with this thought.  Recently, I listened to other technology leaders talk about virtualizing iPads so the schools could run Windows applications and Flash content on those devices.  This seems counterintuitive to the idea of portable technologies… Read More ›

“Blended Learning” Thoughts

Blended Learning Image Source    Here are some thoughts about “Blended Learning:”   Blended Learning is a new catch phrase of online learning enthusiasts, a modification of the term “hybrid courses.”  Essentially part of a student’s learning is a traditional classroom… Read More ›