2016: September, Mars, Saturn and the Moon


During early September 2016, the moon passes Saturn, Mars, and the star Aldebaran in the evening sky.  The charts are shown for the Chicago area about 80 minutes after sunset.  Mars is rapidly moving eastward against the starry background.  Notice its location during August.  Here are the events of September 7-9,2016:

  • September 7.  The moon  is 11 degrees to the east of Saturn.  Antares is 6 degrees to the lower left of Saturn.  Mars is 10 degrees to the left of Saturn.
  • September 8.  The first quarter moon is 4 degrees above Saturn.
  • September 9, The waxing gibbous moon is 8 degrees above Mars.

Our images and charts collections are available here –> http://goo.gl/Sfp1ur

See our article about Venus’ evening appearance.

The  article outlining the planets in the evening sky in 2016

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