2018, July 6: Jupiter and Saturn in the Southern Sky


While Venus shines in the western sky, Jupiter and Saturn appear in the southern sky with Antares between them. The star is the brightest star in Scorpius.

Bright Jupiter, in the south-southwest, appears to the upper right of Zubenelgenubi.  Watch Jupiter approach and pass the star during the next month.

Saturn, just past its opposition, shines in the southeast, is 52 degrees to the lower ft of Jupiter.

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Look for 5 planets during the month.  From mid-northern latitudes, they are not visible simultaneously.  Look for Mercury about 30 minutes after sunset with binoculars, then wait for Mars to cross the southeastern horizon.  Four bright planets then span the sky from Mars to Venus.  Mars reaches its opposition later in the month.  The planet is closer than it’s been since 2003.

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