2020, March 2: Morning Planets on Parade

Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn on March 2, 2020
2020, March 2: The morning planets span nearly 18° across the southeast horizon.

This morning Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars – the Bright Outer Planets – stretch across the southeastern sky.  The gap between Saturn and Mars is 17.9°. Mars is 9.4° to the upper right of Jupiter.  Jupiter is 8.5° to the upper right of Saturn

In the starfield Jupiter and Mars are in front of the stars of Sagittarius. Jupiter is 3.7° to the lower left of Phi Sagittarii. Mars is 3.8° to the upper right of Nunki and 4.1° to the left of Kaus Borealis.

Mars marches eastward compared to the starry background.  It catches and passes Jupiter on March 20 and Saturn, March 31.

In two mornings, March 4, Jupiter is nearly midway between Mars and Saturn as Mars closes the gaps on the planetary pair.

Read about the planet during March 2020.

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