2020, July 24: Morning Star Venus, Mercury in Eastern Sky



Venus and Mercury, July 24, 2020
2020, July 24: Mercury and Venus shine from the eastern sky this morning about an hour before sunrise. Mercury is 24° to the lower left of brilliant Venus.

Before sunrise catch the two planets inside Earth’s orbit, Mercury and Venus, the eastern sky.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Brilliant Venus and Mercury shine this morning from the eastern sky about an hour before sunrise.  These two worlds are part of the morning planet parade that is now breaking up.  Mercury, in the east-northeast, and Jupiter, low in the southwest, are near the horizon.  Venus, Mars, and Saturn are scattered between the other two naked-eye planets.

2020, July 24: Mercury is low in the east-northeast about one hour before sunrise.

This morning Venus and Mercury are 24° apart.  As the images above indicate, locate a clear horizon to find this elusive planet.

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