Venus from Galileo (NASA photo)

2020, August 14: Venus, Crescent Moon, Sirius Before Sunrise

Venus, moon, Sirius, August 14, 2020
2020, August 14, 2020: One day before their close grouping, the crescent moon is 13° to the upper right of Morning Star Venus. Sirius is making its first morning appearance in the east-southeast.

Look for Venus, crescent moon, and Sirius in the eastern sky before sunrise.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Venus, the waning crescent moon, and Sirius appear in the eastern sky this morning before sunrise.

Tomorrow morning the moon and Venus appear in a close grouping.  Get your camera ready.

This morning the moon is nearly 13° to the upper right of the brilliant Morning Star.

Meanwhile, Sirius is making its first morning appearance.  The night sky’s brightest star is low in the east-southeast sky.  During the next few mornings look for it without optical assistance.  It appears in the photo above because of the short time exposure.  It is visible through a binocular.

Here is a daily summary about the planets during August.

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