2021, April & May: Venus Into Bright Evening Twilight

Venus – about 5° up in the west-northwest – is 1.2° to the right of the crescent moon

After superior conjunction (March 26, 2021), Venus slowly emerges into the western evening sky during bright twilight.  The closest Venus – moon grouping occurs on May 12.  Venus is moving eastward in Taurus.

Venus as an Evening Star, semi-technical summary

On April 19, Venus sets at Civil Twilight, when the sun is only 6° below the horizon at 30 minutes after sunset. During the next few evenings, begin looking for Venus about 2° above the west-northwest horizon at about 20 minutes after sunset.  Use a binocular to first locate it.  It is making its first evening appearance of this apparition.

2021, May 12: Venus, the crescent moon, and Mercury are in the west-northwest after sunset.

On May 12, Venus – about 5° up in the west-northwest – is 1.2° to the right of the thin crescent moon. This is the closest Venus – moon grouping for this apparition.

A few nights later, on May 16, Venus – 6.0° up in the west-northwest – is 5.7° to the upper right of Aldebaran.  This is a challenging observation as the star is only 3.0° in altitude.  Use a binocular to see the scene.

On May 21, Venus sets at Nautical Twilight, when the sun is 12° below the horizon at 74 minutes after sunset.

Venus as an Evening Star Article

2021, July 6: Venus, Mars Final Approach

July 6, 2021:  In less than a week, brilliant Venus passes Mars in the west-northwestern sky after sunset.  This evening the two planets are 3.8° apart.  Venus is over 18° to the lower right of the star Regulus.

2021, July 1- 7, Morning Moon

July 1 – July 7, 2021, the waning crescent appears in the eastern sky.  Early in the viewing period, the moon is among the dim stars of Pisces.  As the week progresses, the moon wanes and moves farther eastward, appearing near Taurus.

2021, July 5: Earth at Aphelion

July 5, 2021:  Our planet Earth reaches its farthest point in its yearly trek around the sun.  Our seasons are not related to Earth’s distance from the sun.  Coincidentally, the moon is at its farthest point from Earth today.

2021, July 4: Venus Aims at Mars

July 4, 2021: The Venus – Mars conjunction is eight days away.  This evening Venus moves to within 5° of the Red Planet.

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