Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn, May 26, 2013



Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury formed a compact triangle Sunday evening at 9:25 p.m. EDT as seen from Hocking County, Ohio. (Click the image to see it larger.) Brilliant Venus appeared the brightest of the trio. Bright Jupiter was 2 degrees to the upper left of Venus and Mercury was 2 degrees to the upper right of Venus. Mercury continues its rapid movement into the evening sky.

For more about the grouping of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, see our monthly skywatching posting.

For more about Venus as an evening star, see our detailed explanation of this evening appearance this year.

At the same time, Saturn appeared 13 degrees to the lower left of Spica (Virgo). (Click the image to see it larger.)  Notice the bright star Arcturus (Bootes) is in the view.

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